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Now offering Herbal Milk Baths

After giving birth, your body needs to heal. Often times we are trying to function with only two to maybe four hours of sleep a day, we are trying to do the best we can that we often forget about our own self. This is where an herbal bath will help relax you and your little one, it brings relaxation and bonding.

We live in a fast paced world that when our feet hit the floor we run as fast as we can, even after giving birth. Sometimes new mommies have no choice. Historically though, woman are encouraged to at least take a 40 day rest period where they were cared for by family in order to recover after birth. Afterbirth, mom’s time was to bond with her new baby, and allow her body to fully heal. Many times new moms weren’t even expected to get out of bed. Meals were prepared for recovering mothers that were full of nutrients and increased lactation and speed healing.

In most countries they still practice caring for the mother this way. The Western-modern way with postpartum now is based on mom’s health and energy being restored after a full 6 weeks of rest. However it’s not encouraged with today’s society by spending time pampering themselves and bonding with their baby. Unfortunately there are more mothers that are so overwhelmed, frazzled, no desire to breastfeed, and the increase of postpartum depression is on the rise.


Many mothers, need the permission to take a much needed rest time to heal after the birth of their baby. Even if they are not able to take the full rest period that is encouraged, maybe we can work on healing the sensitive areas. This is why we have put together our Postpartum herbal milk baths.


Certified in Herbs, I have carefully put together some of the most import herbal combinations that are used with postpartum and healing. These are Grade A herbs, certified organic

I use;
Certified Organic Fresh Powdered Milk
Calendula Flowers: Which prevents infection and aids in the healing of the perineum.
Chamomile Flowers: This herb has anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties so it soothes irritated tissue.
Shepherds Purse: This herb serves as a coagulant and vasoconstrictor so it helps the uterus to contract blood vessels and lessen the bleeding.
Lavender Leaf: Helps in relaxing new mother and baby.

All flowers are pesticide free.

Our herbal milk baths are held at our home studio, in pure privacy. It’s a soothing, peaceful environment so baby and you can relax.




Reverse Lens Macro

Years back I was told you can reverse your lens to achieve beautiful macro shots. Assuming you didn’t own EF-S 60MM
F/2.8 MACRO USM. Which I drool over. Secretly I want it. Anyways, you can easily reverse your lens on your camera. Just please be very careful doing this.


The first step is to buy a ‘reverse’ ring for your specific lens. I have a 50 1.4mm and needs a 52mm thread ring (and filter size). So that’s the reversal ring I need  for my lens.

The first step is to take the lens off the camera. This is where you need to be very careful, the silver part is the electrical contacts and if they are damaged, the lens won’t work correctly when it attaches back to the camera. The next step is to take the ring and attach the part with the ‘red’ dot to the actual camera. Match red dot to red dot for it to connect.

The other part of the ring, you attach to the top of the glass, kind of like you would a ‘filter’. Then you attach the two together, this will make your lens backwards. This does expose the electrical contacts but again you need to be very careful with those.

Because the lens is technically not attached to the camera, it cannot auto focus or manual focus. You have to get close to the object you are wanting to photograph to catch the macro part. By turning the lens around, it’s basically (technically) a large magnifying glass.

Your settings, since I shoot in manual you can only set the ISO and the Kelvin. It’s challenging to get the right settings for this type of macro. But the images it creates are artistic texture types of images.

There is going to be field blur though because you cannot focus on your subject too much. However here are some macro shots of a rose, pamphlets, and wool.

Beautiful Moms who share their VBACS

A while back I put out there that we are apart of a project, called The VBAC Project. Amy  Wehner, P.h. D created a powerful movement that reached all around that world, starting with Canada, and the United States. The purpose of this project is to show real women who have had VBACS in the hope of bringing awareness to the need for more supportive care providers and more opportunities for women to have a choice as apart of their birth plans. The goal is to get 1,000,000 images and stories across the world.

It’s over powering what the body can do, you only know your limits.  So many mothers are told “Once a Cesarean always a Cesarean”. It’s about choice, it’s about what matters as a mom, as YOU! That’s what is needed, more choices.

So here are two awesome gorgeous beautiful women who gained that trust, and knowledge with their own VBAC’s, and stories! (To read their story please go to The VBAC Project Stories)

Meet Sarah, who had her gorgeous 4 month old son-


And this is also Sarah, who had her TWO VBAC babies- two gorgeous little girls!

IMG_3992_edited-2 copy

Congratulations mommies! We hope to achieve MORE VBAC’s in the future!

The VBAC Project April Sessions

The VBAC Project Meme

The VBAC Project April Sessions have Started! Please fill out the needed information for your complimentary VBAC Session. Read all necessary information. Additional Information may be required once in studio. Print releases are included.

This session will be taken with you and your VBAC child in arms in our studio in Palm Coast, Florida. These sessions are for those who have had a successful VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) and want to share their story.

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Something Green

Whispering wonders in the forest can give a child peace and silence“- 

There was a weekend when I wanted to be mystical, so I took my girlfriends daughter out and created what I had visioned in my mind. We found this gorgeous tree branch with beautiful moss on it… and the rest is a secret!



Upon sitting down and reading on the tree branch, my little idea came to life. This was something that I had to think outside the box with, and try something new and different.  Believe it or not this is my first composite image.

Rock The Shot
Rock The Shot