Antique stores the things you find

As long as I can remember I have always loved going into antique stores, especially in small little quaint towns. It hits the pocket book sometimes, but even more so when you’re a newborn or child photographer.

Last week a local photographer and I have been getting together formulating ideas for the love of art we both share. Out of the random blue we took a trip to a cute little town. Now for me since I am new around Florida and do not explore much, I was in awe of how gorgeous this cute town was! How adorable, little shops, artists who make or collect things, it was so gorgeous.

IMG_4166 copy

Among the treasures we found, I had found this gorgeous little antique chair. To me it looked liked it had many stories to tell, I had to get it. I love how adorable this little chair is.

IMG_4106 copy

The amazing part of the day was that we had ran into TONS of antique shops and honestly made it to like four! One we found a reclaimed wood store, OH MY GOSH I nearly died over this store. We fell in love with this reclaimed bed that was made of 3 pieces of thin wood for the backboard. How awesome is this!!!!!

IMG_4172 copy

So I wanted to share with you how adorable this chair is! I put my newborn assistant’s daughter in this chair, oh my word she ate it up! Smiled for the camera! This is the happiest little girl ever!