Beautiful Moms who share their VBACS

A while back I put out there that we are apart of a project, called The VBAC Project. Amy  Wehner, P.h. D created a powerful movement that reached all around that world, starting with Canada, and the United States. The purpose of this project is to show real women who have had VBACS in the hope of bringing awareness to the need for more supportive care providers and more opportunities for women to have a choice as apart of their birth plans. The goal is to get 1,000,000 images and stories across the world.

It’s over powering what the body can do, you only know your limits.  So many mothers are told “Once a Cesarean always a Cesarean”. It’s about choice, it’s about what matters as a mom, as YOU! That’s what is needed, more choices.

So here are two awesome gorgeous beautiful women who gained that trust, and knowledge with their own VBAC’s, and stories! (To read their story please go to The VBAC Project Stories)

Meet Sarah, who had her gorgeous 4 month old son-


And this is also Sarah, who had her TWO VBAC babies- two gorgeous little girls!

IMG_3992_edited-2 copy

Congratulations mommies! We hope to achieve MORE VBAC’s in the future!