Behind the scenes getting to know the art of littles

Several months ago I taught a local photographer how to photograph newborns. I invited her to work with me.

See newborns (who I call my littles) are my passion to photograph, and no one really understands the time and work it takes to get that beautiful image for parents (such as yourselves) to hang on their wall. I had been photographing newborns for several years, and have taken several workshops and 1.1 mentoring, and last  year took a leap and learned to edit by hand (without actions a photoshop term) . I created a small studio, kind of went overboard on props that caught my eye for my own style.  Perfected the art, and bingo. Here I am.



Aside from my passion of Fertility Coaching, photographing littles has been the ultimate rewarding craft I have ever put my heart into. I am not going to call this a job, why? Because this is art, this is  love, this is creativity! It’s not a job, it’s spending time with God’s littles. These are little people, so small and so fresh



So in closing, I just wanted to say you are amazing. Every little I photograph becomes apart of my heart, each image I create has a small piece of the art in my soul.