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When you're choosing a birth photographer, you're choosing someone to be present during a very intimate time in your life. Birth Photography is more of a journalistic type of photography, we capture emotion, details that are often over looked (for example, a few snacks mom is eating, or the stop watch that's timing contractions), we are there when your eyes finally get to meet this tiny little human you've waited nearly ten months to see! This is why when hiring a birth photographer, that you and your partner are comfortable with them.

It's important that your birth photographer is experienced, aware of your Birthing plan, and what your expectations are. He or she needs to be aware of the birth process of certain birthing teams and situations.

As a birth photographer, my job is to be very quiet when in the birthing room. You're not going to notice or feel you need to interact with me, unless you want to. As a laboring mama, your concentration and focus needs to be on giving life, on labor. You need a peaceful birth, and my goal is to document the experience for you.

Whatever birth plan you have, I would like to hear you hopes and ideas prior to you giving birth. It’s important for both of us to make sure we are right fit for each other, and there’s no better way to do that than to get to know one another, whether that be on the phone or in person. I look forward in documenting this beautiful moment in your life.


One of the best decisions I've ever made in my life was hiring Amanda. She is a very special person for doing what she does. Through false alarms, cancelled appointments and overall mayhem she remained calm and engaged. I never thought I'd be someone who would have done this and now I can't  imagine doing it any other way. I love the previews so much. You are a rockstar!~Sydnee, Minot North Dakota


Birth Stories-$600-$800
Whether your birth is unassisted, cesarean, water-birth, at home, adoption, surrogacy, your story begins with me. I am here to document those beautiful moments from beginning to end.

What's included in your birth story-

+Photographer on call from 37 weeks to 42 weeks
+Video clips that tell your beautiful birth story.
+Still images (between 100-150 images)
+Custom Birth Disc of your story
+Pamper Mommy Basket (this will have organic items for mom)
+Photographer documents bonding two hours after birth

As a Birth Photographer with years of education, I want you to have the best and peaceful experience while I document your birth story.

What if I have false labor and we call you? Hey! That's okay! It's better to be safe then sorry. My phone is attached to me when I am on call, I am here for you! Even if it's a false alarm. It's okay!
When should we call you? A lot of times it's normally when labor is active, and by this time you are about 4 to 5cm dilated. However, sometimes once labor is active it can go quick or it can take a while. I'd like to be there to capture from beginning to end. When you feel you're in labor, contractions will be closer to 2 minutes apart, about 45 seconds long and strong (keep this going for about 30 minutes), and it's safe to say birth isn't too far behind. If we are further from your birthing location, it's best to keep in contact with me at all times as it may take me a moment to be at your side.

All other details and questions are answered when we meet! I do look forward in meeting you and your family! If you're interested, you can head to the top of the menu and fill out our Say Hello form!

Amanda Jo
Birth and Newborn Photographer

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A huge thank you to Nicole In Bold LLC  for allowing us to be apart of "Every Birth Matters"- and putting this together

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