Hi Parents! Here is almost everything you need to know about how to schedule, your reveal session and more! Let us know if you have any questions!

How do we schedule?

You can call 386.283-1602 for my personal cell phone and we can schedule your in person planning session. Or you can fill out the form on the 'Say Hello' page so I know more of what you would like for your session. 🙂

Is it necessary to meet you before we schedule?

I do recommend us meeting prior scheduling, I love getting to know my clients and have my clients get to know me before a commitment is made. Making sure we are a good match for each other. Learning about what you envision in your session, and what you want is top priority. Most meetings take place either in our studio, or a local coffee shop, or lunchin business.

Do you give Discs with your Sessions?

I do not. I love to see the images that we created on the wall of your home, or nursery. After years of perfecting the art of newborn photography, and the technique of hand editing, it gives me so much pride and happiness to see my clients ordering prints. Love the art as much as I do.

Do you give a print release

No, unless digital images are purchased through your Reveal Session, then I give you a limited print release. I love when my clients order prints and canvas through myself and my lab. My lab is rated number one in the country, and is always so great to work with. It gives me goosebumps when a client orders a 16x24 canvas for their nursery, to think how proud they are to have our art on their wall... amazing.

 Copyright and Print release?

I do not release copyright to any of my photographs. Releasing a copyright means that I cannot use that image for anything.. not even in my image books or website. I am no longer the owner.

Print releases are given when digital images are purchased through the image reveal session.


Yes, our contract and payment needs to be signed prior to any photo shoot takes place, especially for our custom newborn shoots. Contract NEEDS TO BE SIGNED prior to payment. Once contract is signed and sent to us, you will then be invoiced for your session fee's.


From time to time parents, or even siblings will get the sniffles or get sick before our shoot. Because of newborn safety in my studio, I will not schedule a session if little ones or parents are sick. If client is late to scheduled session appointment exceeding 30 minutes, photographer is not held liable for any loss of natural light. Client will be invoiced $15.00 per half an hour client is delayed. In the event of uncontrollable situations (for example: Flat tire, car accident, etc), client needs to communicate as soon as possible with photographer to avoid late fee's.


Do I need to bring anything for my session?

For your newborn session- you do not need to bring a thing. Unless of course you want us to implement a certain keepsake or prop into your session. Please know that if a certain prop you want is not safe for babe, I will let you know. For our littles in the studio we do keep it warm, we recommend to dress light or to bring a change of clothes.

For our Afterbirth Milk Herbal Baths, bring a robe, boy shorts and a tank top.

For births.... just you!

Do you have an assistant your Littles?

Yes! When our littles come into the studio, we are hands on at all times. We have a newborn assistant,  we do work along side one another. Newborn safety is extremely important to us, We are highly experienced and trained in handling and soothing our littles. We post periodically 'Behind the scenes' often to show how experienced we are with handling and soothing our littles safely!

When is the best time to schedule?

The best time to schedule a session is around your third to fourth month of pregnancy. This way it gives us more time to prepare for your session if extra props need to be ordered. We want to create the most beautiful portraits for your walls.

How long are Littles sessions?

My little's are usually around 3 to 5 hours long. However I am not photographing the entire time. There is time for soothing, loving, cuddling, changing, feeding, and adoring our littles. We want them to feel as comfortable as possible. So sessions will not be rushed.

Maternity Sessions, and when?

At this time, I only book a maternity session with a newborn as a package. Maternity sessions I like to be different, let the artistic side and creativity flow with yours. These highlight mommy to be her best. I include custom made elegant maternity gowns, and I shoot them during the golden hour. About 34+ weeks is a good time to schedule. Our maternity gowns belong to Tiny Bear Photography and are not to be taken home with client.


I am hired based on my style,  I tend to tell clients to avoid pinterest. I would rather add my own creativity to a newborn + maternity session, and our vision together. However you can check out some of my favorite artists- Meg Bitton, Amy Cook, Dew Drops Photography, Robin Long, Kelly Brown, Julia Kelleher, Keri Meyers, Erin Tole, and Ana Brandt.

Newborn safety is extremely important, we will not use props or anything that will impose danger on your little one.


What's a Reveal Session

An Image Reveal Session is scheduled the day of your actual session. This is when you, as a client come into the studio and get to see your gorgeous breathtaking images on the big screen. Reveal Sessions are generally scheduled in the afternoons, at least after 3p.m. We will go through each image, you pick out your favorites and we order your prints, and products! I love this part of your session, this is the time when the "Ooo's" and "ahhhh's" come in. Once the prints arrive at the studio, you can come pick them up! 🙂



We've ordered our Prints!

At your image reveal session you will have the opportunity to order prints and products that I offer. We will go over packages as well. All your images will be on the big screen for you to go through. After your reveal session, I will go over questions you may have. Once prints are ordered, they will arrive at the studio to ensure quality, which can then be picked up.

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