Prenatal Yoga at Hot Yoga Lounge

Have you ever tried Prenatal Yoga? I swear it’s one of the most beautiful light exercises while pregnant. I am a HUGE advocate with yoga, every morning I dedicate about 30 minutes to my meditation and yoga. However, when mixed with pregnancy…. AHHH it’s beautiful.

Hot Yoga Lounge is one of the most wonderful places to go for Prenatal Yoga. Instructor Gillian Taylor teaches classes Monday’s and Thursday’s.

I had asked to photograph one of her prenatal yoga classes since I adore pregnancy and yoga. I was completely honored and thankful that these gorgeous mom’s allowed me to photograph their beauty!

Hot Yoga Lounge Prenatal Yoga collage 2

Gillian obviously has a passion for this as well, and I am so glad someone in our Palm Coast area offers this for pregnant mothers. Yoga brings calmness to the body and baby. This helps with birth too!

Check out some of the photos from Prenatal Yoga!