Sweet dreams, sweet baby

There are many things in this world we cherish, and one of them is welcoming a new little into this world. Becoming new parents is one of the most amazing rewarding things you can feel.

One on one with another local photographer, Jessica Gray Photography, we teamed up on this gorgeous little in the studio. Meet baby Aria. She was the cutest most adorable little, and fit perfectly into our dream catcher.

IMG_5914 copy

This dream catcher wasn’t as easy to make as it looks, and I do plan on making more. However it was fun, and a great experience to design and create your own newborn props.

The image above is created by three images together in photoshop. We call it a composite image. Our little Aria is being held the entire time, and the dream catcher is sitting on our poser.

Little Aria was one of the most beautiful littles we’ve had in the studio, her parents are so kind and loving. I am so glad we were able to create such beautiful images for them.

IMG_5964 copy