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Welcome to the world Connar James!

Every single birth each time I get to attend, it reminds me of how much life is so incredibly precious. Sydnee and Will contacted me several months back to document a very special day in their lives. I’ve never had a mom who went all out for her birth, but I am glad she did because this mom is super gorgeous.

The week seem to drag on for her, the anticipation of getting her membranes stripped and hoping for birth. Monday February 13th, 2017 Sydnee went in to her doctors to get her membranes stripped. She had hoped to meet little Connar that night, especially with her husband Will being a first time father. He stayed by her side. But all the while, contractions did intensify, Sydnee was left with the hospital telling her to go home. We stayed near by in a hotel just in case little one decided to make his appearance.

Tuesday, Sydnee walked as much as she could to try and bring on Labor. By Wednesday, the hospital told her to come back and be admitted that morning. The excitement to meet little Connar was growing. Once we got inside a room, Syndee was checked vaginally where she was told she was almost 4cm dilated. We were making progress! As they gave her pitocin, she started feeling more and more contractions, they broke her water about 11:40 a.m. that morning.  Contractions didn’t take long to hit harder. Thanks to Will, her husband… she knew when they were hitting.

As contractions become more frequent and stronger, by 5cm Syndee decided to get an epidural. It shouldn’t be long now before her and Will get to meet their beautiful little boy.

As labor approached, the nausea set in. The more intense contractions became and  the more Sydnee felt exhausted. There’s so much that goes into labor with the body, the anxiety of meeting your little one, and the exhaustion you feel as you get closer to seeing him. Sydnee’s birth team was really attentive towards her needs, our nurse Heather was amazing.

Get ready, because here he comes! Sydnee was dilated to 9cm by 4:45p.m.! She’s ready to go.

Congratulations Sydnee and Will, baby Connar James Dailey is just gorgeous! He was born at 5:15p.m and is 7lbs 0oz, 18 3/4 long!

Daddy was just proud!

February 15, 2017 the world welcomed a precious baby boy