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Birth of Savannah Breann

Birth is my absolutely most favorite to photograph, when moms eyes first meet her little one, when dad first gets to hold his little one. Could there really be any more heart warming moments! Which brings us to the Birth of Savannah Breann.

This birth was a lot of fun, what? Birth fun? Yes, actually it was. Michelle happened to be our contest winner for a free birth. However, when I met Michelle and her husband, I knew I loved them from the start! Her husband, being Navy had to go back to school and finish all the way back to Virginia, of course right when Michelle was due! Her due date was April 21st 2016. Her husband graduated April 22nd, meaning he could drive down to Navarre Florida to be with this wife and hopefully see the birth of his first daughter.

So did he make it? Well it was an intense week to say the least, we wanted little Savannah to actually be late for her birthday! Contractions set in, and we were all on pins and needles. Is this it!!!??? When Ryne, her husband isn’t here?

Well, actually no. In fact, Savannah didn’t want to come out now, over 6 days overdue! April 26th, we head to the hospital so we can hopefully get to meet her.


Welcome little Ms. Savannah Breann. A big thank you to an amazing doula that I enjoyed working along side with, Sabrina with Lucina Gentle Birthing. What an amazing person to work along side with!

We all took turns in guessing the weight, time and size of Ms. Savannah. Well, Sabrina won!

1:58a.m. April 227th, at 6lbs 12oz and 19 1/2 inches long… she was born. The cord wrapped around her little head six times, but she was perfectly healthy!


Creating a poser cover for fabric drops

I know, first hand as a photographer especially a newborn one it takes a lot of work trying to get that perfect image on the posers. Our fabric drops have a hard time keeping the wrinkles out of them, even with the layers we have on them.

This wasn’t my ‘invention’ so to speak, but I found a way for this to work for me. When I first started newborn photography, I had a cute travel poser I purchased off etsy. (I actually still have it). I built a pvc pipe stand for it, square stand (and have that too). That stand worked for a little while, but I wanted to invest in “Studio Baby” posers. Based out of Canada, I had been eyeing them for a while. It’s the perfect size so you and your assistant do not have to constantly bend over (it gets hard on the backs). At the time my assistant had a few back issues, so I purchased the large studio poser from Studio Baby. Then I bought a T’Stand to make this a little more stylish and easier.

While my T’stand worked fine, It was kind of annoying to keep trying to keep the fabrics and layers wrinkle free. This was bugging me. I am a perfectionist and when I see a wrinkle I can’t even…. nightmares!!!! So, this was customized to fit around my entire studio baby poser.

Poser Cover for Newborns

Now I know what you’re thinking, “oh my gosh PVC piping!”… haha I said the same thing. Here’s the thing, PVC piping can be round…. it can bend, they sell this at Lowe’s! (I didn’t know this either). I drew up my plans to make this, took this to Lowe’s, and Mr. Mathwize there was amazing at helping.

I purchased 3 10′ pvc piping round poles. I had the measurements, my poser itself is 27″in high. and about 32 wide. So my poser cover needed to be bigger than my poser. With the back being the highest for your depth shots.  Each side is 35″in even, the front (now we’re talking the pvc piping), is 28″in high, and the back is 44″in high. The width is 43″in now. I made the bottom of the cover SMALLER than the top, because it needs to cup around the poser.  I made it to where I can take it apart, and travel with it. The one thing I did though is the top round part and the bottom round part I actually screwed together, so it’s more stable. The middle poles in between that connect it, those aren’t screwed together. I did this because I wanted it to be stable, and strong.. plus easier to take apart when we transport and put back together if need be.

With all of this put together, it was done just in time for my clients newborn baby girl. The total cost was $28.00. This thing is stable, and holds weight, at least it holds 4 poser drops and 1 flokati.

Here’s a demo of my assistant Lisa (With Lisa Quadros Photography) with baby Kiera


My Flokati is a 3×5, and it worked great to cup her up inside of there. Because this was designed off my poser that I have, I plan on using this as a blueprint and having a custom one made that’s out of metal. However this works just fine, and does the job. If you have a small poser, like a travel sized one, I don’t think this will work for you but you can always try it.

Here it is in use


The one thing I love about this, is that it’s so convenient, it does not take up space in my studio what so ever, and it was SO incredibly easy to keep the wrinkles out of the fabric! I layer my posers with two fabrics, and a quilt or two. And then I put the posing fabric on (at least three). I was so impressed with this. Plus you can turn it (if you do natural light) to get more shadow or more light on your subject. (And yes I photographed a teddy bear).

So for $28.00 you can build yourself a cover around your poser for your fabrics. Totally worth it!


Reverse Lens Macro

Years back I was told you can reverse your lens to achieve beautiful macro shots. Assuming you didn’t own EF-S 60MM
F/2.8 MACRO USM. Which I drool over. Secretly I want it. Anyways, you can easily reverse your lens on your camera. Just please be very careful doing this.


The first step is to buy a ‘reverse’ ring for your specific lens. I have a 50 1.4mm and needs a 52mm thread ring (and filter size). So that’s the reversal ring I need  for my lens.

The first step is to take the lens off the camera. This is where you need to be very careful, the silver part is the electrical contacts and if they are damaged, the lens won’t work correctly when it attaches back to the camera. The next step is to take the ring and attach the part with the ‘red’ dot to the actual camera. Match red dot to red dot for it to connect.

The other part of the ring, you attach to the top of the glass, kind of like you would a ‘filter’. Then you attach the two together, this will make your lens backwards. This does expose the electrical contacts but again you need to be very careful with those.

Because the lens is technically not attached to the camera, it cannot auto focus or manual focus. You have to get close to the object you are wanting to photograph to catch the macro part. By turning the lens around, it’s basically (technically) a large magnifying glass.

Your settings, since I shoot in manual you can only set the ISO and the Kelvin. It’s challenging to get the right settings for this type of macro. But the images it creates are artistic texture types of images.

There is going to be field blur though because you cannot focus on your subject too much. However here are some macro shots of a rose, pamphlets, and wool.

The Newborn Photographer, What You Pay For

A few months back a fellow photographer had asked me what it takes to be a newborn photographer, as she was thinking of trying it. A few weeks ago, I had an inquiry of a new mother wanting her little photographed, she asked ‘Why are you so expensive’. And ironically about a week ago I was asked by someone in a facebook group to write a blog about what it takes to be a newborn photographer, what both parties (client and artist) pay for. Perfect timing.

This took a lot of thought, because art isn’t something that can be taught, I mean the basics can but the passion is what drives it. You have to love what you do to keep investing in it.  Being a newborn photographer takes patience, you will fail at it when you first begin. It’s something we all go through as photographers period. Being a newborn photographer IS NOT CHEAP, it’s an investment. However if you’re not defeated easily you will look at each image, and you will see what you can perfect, what you can improve on, and what you most love about it.

As a client’s point of view, you are paying for talent, and that quality of style that caught your eye. You are investing in that photographers art. You are paying for custom newborn photography, custom props (whether it be a tieback or moon prop), safety training, education, and more. Clients, we as newborn photographers do not learn overnight, it takes us a while. Most of us want to improve our skills so we take workshops from the greatest of greats, Amy Cook, Nicole Smith, Amy McDaniel, Meg Bitton, Kelly Brown, Robin Long, Julia Kelleher, Beyond The Milky Way, and my number one Jamie Anderson (who I took a few from). These workshops come at a steep price, and we as photographers invest in them to improve what we LOVE the most doing.  These workshops teach us how to bring out our creative soul, by newborn safety, editing skills, learning how to pose in such a delicate way, and so much more. (This is why it’s extremely important that when finding a newborn photographer, that you know who you’re investing in, is it QUALITY that you are looking for, is it QUANTITY that you want on who’s the cheapest?)

The majority of us newborn photographers invest in our education, and our glass first. The lens, ah…..these lenses are pride and joys. I treat mine like they are babies. Each piece of glass costs, some photographers put it on credit, and some of us build until we can pay. Our equipment is a huge investment for us. Octoboxes, Alien bee’s, triggers, battery grips, whatever we need.

I was asked to break down my costs, and truthfully some of my prop issue is because I work with incredible amazing talented vendors. These ladies hand create these props, they do such amazing work, how can we not go back for more! I need to work on this, it’s a prop addiction, and 99% of newborn photographers I’ve worked with have it.


Here’s a basic breakdown the costs for all these beautiful props.  Here’s what I pay for as far as software, and such goes:

Because Photoshop CS6 is discontinued, and is almost a $2,000.00 value on Amazon, we now are offered CC (creative cloud) which is a month membership to see the latest and improved photoshop.

Studio organizing software. IPS (In Person Sales) software, Tax Software, Gallery Software, Video Software, and Music Software.

Memberships for our Photography, one I am a membership to is almost a $600 cost a year.

Education, Equipment (including the Wacom Tablet I edit with), Marketing Materials (this includes business cards and flyers), things to make our business flow smoother. The first year I was in business I maxed out and spent a lot in Marketing. (Yes social media like facebook, charges us small business owners for YOU the consumer to see us)

Insurance, I actually carry two. One for equipment and one for the actual photography business.

Email space, website (I design my own) costs, and storage space (I have 5 hard drives however I use backup blaze for a backup in case one fails or they all do at once.

And tons and tons of hours learning to edit, sitting in front of the computer for many hours. I hand edit, I do not use any actions. Actions are ‘premade’ editing techniques other photographers have sourced together, so on photoshop you install it and hit ‘play’ it applies the edits for you. It takes a while to learn to edit by hand, but once you learn.. you will never go back.

If you still want to be a newborn photographer, that’s great! But just understand there’s a cost for this. It’s not cheap, and depending on your own specific style (say vintage or shabby chic), there’s a cost to that as well. It’s called “branding” yourself though. If you make your brand to fit YOU, people will be able to recognize your work, and want it more. Just educate yourself, take your time, and ask for help! Some of us will try and help you as much as we can.

There are both costs between client and artist. To the client, am I, the newborn photographer worth it?  If so, you will understand why we put a price on what we do.  What we charge is not going into our pockets, it’s going back into our business costs. Not to mention, we have overhead costs from our families too.  I was taught in business class that it costs money to make money, yes. Yes it does. I was also taught that quality is what the consumer looks for.

This is primarily why I, as an artist sell my art. The beautiful newborn I photographed, which wore 4 different outfits, 3 different props on wood flooring, 8 poses on different fabric on the poser, and the beautiful parent shots with their little one….. is presented to YOU the consumer (my amazing client). I want you to be in pure awe of your new little arrival and purchase that gorgeous canvas to put above crib in the nursery, or that beautiful 8×10 print to put on your desk in the office or in a matte frame on the wall. Art sells, that right there… is what makes us newborn photographers so proud. (Seriously some of us shed tears on how much YOU love our work)

I do birth photography as well,  and this  means I am on call for nearly 4 weeks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means I barely sleep, I cuddle with my phone, most my time is away from my family once I get called to photograph a birth. One birth it took 15 hours, and I stayed two hours after. I am there when I am needed, even in a false alarm, I am there for mom and dad. I am there to document a very intimate special day in their lives.

BUT price shouldn’t matter, it’s the art you are seeing. The talent and trusting that photographer. As a client you are receiving gorgeous art pieces for your home, for your living room, for the nursery, which lasts for years!

Here’s a breakdown of the above: (ps. there’s more in the mystery closet, stars, wood planks, dreamcatcher, gowns….)

A Surrogacy Story…..

Sometimes when making something so precious, beautiful and unique, it takes an extra helping heart. There are many couples around the globe who each day are faced with challenges in becoming parents, or growing their family. Infertility is on the rise, and it’s something that is often not spoke about. Some mothers’ cannot carry children due to complications of the womb, and some couples experience a rollercoaster to parenthood.

There are mothers who are stepping up and willing to help these couples who cannot conceive. Surrogate Mommies. Now this may seem like a scary journey for some, but for others, it’s giving someone else the opportunity to have their family.

Recently I decided to document a journey locally, and give knowledge to those who have questions, or who want to know what it’s like. I will photograph this journey from start to finish on this blog. I will let you see what I see with my eyes.  Every emotion is poured into this, tears, happiness, and the look when the birth parents meet their little.

Meet Larah, who’s a mother of two little beautiful girls. Larah became a surrogate to help a family who can’t conceive.

I became a surrogate because I love being pregnant and decided since I’m done having babies I should help a family who can’t.  I am very excited and can’t wait to actually be pregnant.

On 12/21/2015 Larah and her family signed their contract and started their first dose of Lupron Injections. Lupron is a hormone that dramatically lowers estrogen levels. Larah was given birth control pills to synchronize her cycle with the birth mother. Usually about two weeks into this stage, that’s when Lupron is taken by Larah. Larah stops her set of birth control pills starting 12/23/2015.

Larah’s cycle will start while on Lupron, and then the dose is normally decreased by half, as she starts adding the estrogen replacement to the mix. Which will also be documented.

12/22/2015 I was there for her second shot of Lupron.


The image above is when Larah was numbing the area that the Lupron shot will go into.

Lupron doesn’t hurt at all if you ice it first you don’t even feel it

Once the area was pretty numb Larah prepared the Lupron.

This whole process took about 15 minutes for her to do.

December 29th 2015, Larah had started Delestrogen. Which rapidly enhances the estrogen in the system. Unfortunately I was sick with the flu, so I missed her fist dose, along with some  blood work (but we will be making this up). Her second dose of Delestrogen I did capture. So far the only side effects are bloating. But this 18 gag needle, ouchy. The spot was numbed at first. The Delestrogen is an oil base so it’s a lot thicker than the Lupron. Therefore Larah said it is best to put it in between a heating pad.

Her amazing husband administered the shot. Slowly injecting it in her left butt cheek.  (These were taken second dose December 31st, 2015)


1/6/16 Larah went for her Ultrasound today to check the thickness of the endometrium lining, and her follicles. Her lining is pretty good (thanks to the Delestrogen (which thickens the lining) at 11mm thick. Her fresh transfer from the birth parents is just 12 days away now!


There was no blood work today, but I am pretty sure according to her schedule she gets blood work next week. She will continue to take the Delestrogen, and sometime next week start on the Progesterone. Getting close!

Win A Free Birth Story

Tiny Bear Photography-Birth and Newborn Photographer is giving away in the spirit of the New Year, and New Beginnings a Free Birth Story.  One beautiful expecting family will receive this precious gift of a lifetime.

Here’s an opportunity to have your Birth Story captured in a journalistic style. Life is such a precious gift, and I am so glad we can celebrate it together!

It’s been such a wonderful year, I have been blessed so much. I remember having my last little boy, suffering from secondary infertility and recurrent losses, we never thought it would happen .

Out of all this we ended up with a gorgeous little who is now 5! I had my own birth photographer during my cesarean section. I look back at those memories and I melt, I smile, I love and adore what images she had captured. I want to offer back entering the New Year, with amazing positive vibes.

Enter to win this amazing opportunity.

This is the first time ever. To enter please see below.

Be sure to read the contest rules, and details.

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Winner Of Free Birth

The Sun Always Shines

About the middle of September I decided move from the town we had lived in for the last seven years. It took many nights of tears, and sadness to realize that the boys and I needed a more positive and uplifting environment. I love my careers that I have chosen, so with a lot of thought we decided to move.

The house was packed in less then two weeks, well most of it. A few beautiful girlfriends and I said our goodbyes, and it was hard. The studio was something a close girlfriend and I had painted together before she passed away. So it meant a lot to me. But I also knew that we were going to thrive for our future. It took a few days to find a location that I thought would fit us. I think at one point I refused to look, out of frustration for a day.. .. I know only one day!

We found a place, and within 3 weeks of deciding to leave, we did. The fourth day here, and I have met some amazing ladies, saw the most beautiful sunset in my life, experienced tons of rain and wind, unpacked, settled, and now the studio and office are back up and running. Now we’ve been here seven days, and it’s more amazing than I ever thought.

We are beyond happy here, everything is so beautiful, so many positive vibes!  Small businesses are really big here, so I am ecstatic to get started.

Now we just need to find ourselves an assistant. Which will include the following duties; handing props/wraps/tiebacks/outfits to me, gathering up the used/dirty outfits, wraps, backdrops from littles session, sometimes soothing baby/holding baby, helping parents pose, making parents comfortable from time to time- (this is a team effort also with myself). Pay is discussed, however first initial little in the studio-performance will be based on pay. There will also be a no compete contract.  Please understand that our littles mean a lot to us, and newborn safety is a huge priority. Email info@tinybearphotography.com for more information.



Little Miami Dolphin

My little Miami Dolphin, his daddy is a Miami Dolphins fan. So I special ordered this adorable outfit just for them! These are my last clients for Palm Cost, and it was a sweet little newborn who filled my heart and said goodbye.


Little Aydan was a dream, and looked just like his daddy. Nicole was a first time mommy and she showed how much love she has for her new little!

Congratulations you two and thank you so much for allowing me to be apart of your little Aydan’s life!