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Reverse Lens Macro

Years back I was told you can reverse your lens to achieve beautiful macro shots. Assuming you didn’t own EF-S 60MM
F/2.8 MACRO USM. Which I drool over. Secretly I want it. Anyways, you can easily reverse your lens on your camera. Just please be very careful doing this.


The first step is to buy a ‘reverse’ ring for your specific lens. I have a 50 1.4mm and needs a 52mm thread ring (and filter size). So that’s the reversal ring I need  for my lens.

The first step is to take the lens off the camera. This is where you need to be very careful, the silver part is the electrical contacts and if they are damaged, the lens won’t work correctly when it attaches back to the camera. The next step is to take the ring and attach the part with the ‘red’ dot to the actual camera. Match red dot to red dot for it to connect.

The other part of the ring, you attach to the top of the glass, kind of like you would a ‘filter’. Then you attach the two together, this will make your lens backwards. This does expose the electrical contacts but again you need to be very careful with those.

Because the lens is technically not attached to the camera, it cannot auto focus or manual focus. You have to get close to the object you are wanting to photograph to catch the macro part. By turning the lens around, it’s basically (technically) a large magnifying glass.

Your settings, since I shoot in manual you can only set the ISO and the Kelvin. It’s challenging to get the right settings for this type of macro. But the images it creates are artistic texture types of images.

There is going to be field blur though because you cannot focus on your subject too much. However here are some macro shots of a rose, pamphlets, and wool.

Little Antonio sweet and small

I could not get enough of this little guy. He was so small and tiny, and so calm. I guess he loves being in front of the camera. When he came into the studio I just wanted to cuddle with him. Scoop him up and cuddle!

We started with the moon prop first, which was made by my awesome friend and vendor Lila Photography Props.  Her and her husband create the most beautiful props for littles!



I wanted him in something that went with the moon, well it just so happens that another good friend and now vendor of mine can create upcycled sets! So her and I tore apart my closet looking for clothes. And truthfully we all have clothes in our closet that we wish we could keep, but will never wear. So I said goodbye Abercrombie, Goodbye American Eagle, Goodbye clothes that used to fit me! Gave them to My Lil Monster Boutique, and let her imagination go wild. Oh my gosh she created the  most adorable outfit for little Antonio that went perfect with the moon prop!


I cannot thank my vendors enough for all their hard work that pours into helping me create the best images for these parents.

Little Antonio slept nearly the entire session, curling up in the most precious poses for me. He was amazing!

Prepping for our Littles

So much time goes into preparing for our littles in the studio. It’s so much fun to put a littles session together. Most parents want themes, and we incorporate some of our style with theirs.

First thing is first, our work flo. We never rush our littles, but we try and have a smooth work flo so we know what we are doing, and it goes smoothly.  The one thing that works for us, is writing down a shot list on paper. Often times than not, we change things around as we go, but most the time the shot list is fulfilled.

When going over the shot list, we have a specific order we like to shoot. For instance we start with parent and siblings first, as we all know siblings can sometimes get ancy from sitting for a while. So it’s better to do siblings first.  Then parents, and then any set ups that we put together.


This poor bunny has been through a lot, getting put in every prop we have, wrapped, and posed… When we start preparing our set ups for our littles, we start with our props first.  Our Moon, star, bench, baskets, and so on. We spend sometimes four hours putting colors, and props together. If a specific floor drop is needed, I prefer to use real wood for floor drops. I stain them and get really creative, keeping in mind all the colors I like that fits my style.


Once we figure out what set ups we are doing we move to the posing bag. I have two of them, one is rather large that I purchased a while back (it’s better for the back). I then put together at least three fabric drops that would look really gorgeous with the themes of colors I am working with. Then I get out my posing list at start with that, along with any outfits/hats/bonnets.

It takes about two hours to prep for the poser shots. So in all it takes a few hours to put together a littles session.

Preparing for our littles takes a lot of time, as we want to make our clients happy, and at home when they are in the studio. Like I said before, the atmosphere we have is a fun, easy and outgoing session comfortable for parents. Yes it does get warm in the studio, but that’s what a walk around Target is for!



………adorable above image has a cute little newspaper to it. Which we created, taking us an hour. But see how cute this little is!

Behind the scenes getting to know the art of littles

Several months ago I taught a local photographer how to photograph newborns. I invited her to work with me.

See newborns (who I call my littles) are my passion to photograph, and no one really understands the time and work it takes to get that beautiful image for parents (such as yourselves) to hang on their wall. I had been photographing newborns for several years, and have taken several workshops and 1.1 mentoring, and last  year took a leap and learned to edit by hand (without actions a photoshop term) . I created a small studio, kind of went overboard on props that caught my eye for my own style.  Perfected the art, and bingo. Here I am.



Aside from my passion of Fertility Coaching, photographing littles has been the ultimate rewarding craft I have ever put my heart into. I am not going to call this a job, why? Because this is art, this is  love, this is creativity! It’s not a job, it’s spending time with God’s littles. These are little people, so small and so fresh



So in closing, I just wanted to say you are amazing. Every little I photograph becomes apart of my heart, each image I create has a small piece of the art in my soul. 

Gorgeous Mom and little Gia

When little Gia and her mommy entered the studio I fell in love with her instantly. Posing mom and little Gia however, well Gia had a surprise for me…. (haha I wish we would have captured the poopies but I actually caught it in my hands!)



The one thing I love to do is capture the love between parents and their little. It’s fresh, delicate, and just plain cute! You can see the love Melissa has for her daughter Gia.


Little Gia slept so soundly. I enjoyed her so much.


Lily Lifestyle

Little Lily and her beautiful parents had contacted Jessica Gray Photography for a Lifestyle Newborn photoshoot. I was invited to shoot along side with Jessica.

IMG_6894 copy

I have photographed a lifestyle prior however little Lily was seven weeks old when we photographed her. She was such a doll.

Lily’s parents had three of the most gorgeous well behaved dogs (who know they are really human) that wanted to get into the shoot too! It was so cute!

Congratulations to you both! You both have a gorgeous little girl!

IMG_6823 copy IMG_6953 copy


Sweet dreams, sweet baby

There are many things in this world we cherish, and one of them is welcoming a new little into this world. Becoming new parents is one of the most amazing rewarding things you can feel.

One on one with another local photographer, Jessica Gray Photography, we teamed up on this gorgeous little in the studio. Meet baby Aria. She was the cutest most adorable little, and fit perfectly into our dream catcher.

IMG_5914 copy

This dream catcher wasn’t as easy to make as it looks, and I do plan on making more. However it was fun, and a great experience to design and create your own newborn props.

The image above is created by three images together in photoshop. We call it a composite image. Our little Aria is being held the entire time, and the dream catcher is sitting on our poser.

Little Aria was one of the most beautiful littles we’ve had in the studio, her parents are so kind and loving. I am so glad we were able to create such beautiful images for them.

IMG_5964 copy



It’s just a fresh clean session

A while back ago I put a small model call out there. I had envisioned a maternity session that was clean, fun, and fresh. Candid shots, something you would see out of a magazine. I wanted to think outside the box.

IMG_5449 copy




This session was completely different than most sessions I photograph. This was catching these two gorgeous people in the moment, while waiting baby Carly. Who might I add graced her presence on May 22nd! So we had this sessions just in time!

I can say that these two have so much love, and love is what created little baby Carly. Congratulations first time parents on the birth of your little girl!

IMG_5469 copy