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Captivations Photography Workshop

When you have a photographer contact you and say “Hey, wanna host a workshop”….. you say yes.. hands down you just say yes!

We had four attendees, and we had a blast. Community over Competition! Each attendee was at a different level of newborn photography, but learned a lot during our two amazing days with Ohio’s premier photographer Sarah.

Can you see how amazing this was? Over the course of two days we had two littles in the studio. We had amazing little ones, we laughed, learned, giggled, and yes there were two pregnant photographers who attended the workshop. One was due at any minute! How exciting!

Workshops are worth it, education and investment to your photography business is beneficial to you. Plus, you get to meet amazing photographers and watch them grow. I am so thankful I met Sarah, she truly is a great friend.

Here are some images that were taken during the workshop of littles.