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Creating a poser cover for fabric drops

I know, first hand as a photographer especially a newborn one it takes a lot of work trying to get that perfect image on the posers. Our fabric drops have a hard time keeping the wrinkles out of them, even with the layers we have on them.

This wasn’t my ‘invention’ so to speak, but I found a way for this to work for me. When I first started newborn photography, I had a cute travel poser I purchased off etsy. (I actually still have it). I built a pvc pipe stand for it, square stand (and have that too). That stand worked for a little while, but I wanted to invest in “Studio Baby” posers. Based out of Canada, I had been eyeing them for a while. It’s the perfect size so you and your assistant do not have to constantly bend over (it gets hard on the backs). At the time my assistant had a few back issues, so I purchased the large studio poser from Studio Baby. Then I bought a T’Stand to make this a little more stylish and easier.

While my T’stand worked fine, It was kind of annoying to keep trying to keep the fabrics and layers wrinkle free. This was bugging me. I am a perfectionist and when I see a wrinkle I can’t even…. nightmares!!!! So, this was customized to fit around my entire studio baby poser.

Poser Cover for Newborns

Now I know what you’re thinking, “oh my gosh PVC piping!”… haha I said the same thing. Here’s the thing, PVC piping can be round…. it can bend, they sell this at Lowe’s! (I didn’t know this either). I drew up my plans to make this, took this to Lowe’s, and Mr. Mathwize there was amazing at helping.

I purchased 3 10′ pvc piping round poles. I had the measurements, my poser itself is 27″in high. and about 32 wide. So my poser cover needed to be bigger than my poser. With the back being the highest for your depth shots.  Each side is 35″in even, the front (now we’re talking the pvc piping), is 28″in high, and the back is 44″in high. The width is 43″in now. I made the bottom of the cover SMALLER than the top, because it needs to cup around the poser.  I made it to where I can take it apart, and travel with it. The one thing I did though is the top round part and the bottom round part I actually screwed together, so it’s more stable. The middle poles in between that connect it, those aren’t screwed together. I did this because I wanted it to be stable, and strong.. plus easier to take apart when we transport and put back together if need be.

With all of this put together, it was done just in time for my clients newborn baby girl. The total cost was $28.00. This thing is stable, and holds weight, at least it holds 4 poser drops and 1 flokati.

Here’s a demo of my assistant Lisa (With Lisa Quadros Photography) with baby Kiera


My Flokati is a 3×5, and it worked great to cup her up inside of there. Because this was designed off my poser that I have, I plan on using this as a blueprint and having a custom one made that’s out of metal. However this works just fine, and does the job. If you have a small poser, like a travel sized one, I don’t think this will work for you but you can always try it.

Here it is in use


The one thing I love about this, is that it’s so convenient, it does not take up space in my studio what so ever, and it was SO incredibly easy to keep the wrinkles out of the fabric! I layer my posers with two fabrics, and a quilt or two. And then I put the posing fabric on (at least three). I was so impressed with this. Plus you can turn it (if you do natural light) to get more shadow or more light on your subject. (And yes I photographed a teddy bear).

So for $28.00 you can build yourself a cover around your poser for your fabrics. Totally worth it!


Ohio Newborn Togs Workshop in Florida

Education is so important when it comes to photography, especially Newborn Photography. The first newborn I did, I honestly thought it was easy, but I was wrong.

I had a four week old little boy in my make-shift studio at the time, late in the day. He had already been through several shoots that day and I had no idea how to soothe him. Even though I personally have three gorgeous boys myself,  I had been lost on how to properly settle him.

My second newborn was in 2014, (I started my business August of 2013, and my first newborn was October 2013). They drove from Orlando Florida to where I was living at. I tried my best, from what reading I could find online, but it was still not what I know I could do!

From that point on, I literally made it a huge priority to take every single workshop I could find in my area, even mentoring. So I did, I found an amazing friend who also needed my fertility help. (We are still great friends). She one on one mentored me with one of her newborn shoots back in 2014. I also took two other workshops, one I will be forever grateful for. I took mentoring and workshops online as well, everything I could get my hands on relating to newborn. And now.. here we are…. from Newborn number 2 to Last years newborn:


Now these workshops come at a price, it’s not cheap. Why? Picture where you are at now, you need and want more education, you want to get better or achieve different things in your newborn photography…. you can only help yourself right? Well that’s how our teachers started, they had to struggle, and find their groove too. They are as far as they are now because they worked so incredibly hard at it. It’s something they wanted.

I can tell you, honestly that you will always find something else to learn about, you will always want to keep learning and going.. even when you’re images are perfect and everyone loves them.. you will find that one thing that you want to improve on or try differently. The knowledge is endless. But, it’s worth it. Put money into your newborn education IF it’s something you truly want, because once you do…. you will extend your business even further.

So here in Navarre Florida, we have an amazing Photographer flying all the way here from Ohio to teach a beautiful TWO day newborn workshop here in the studio. We will have newborn models, (cuddling), you will learn lighting, posing, business, marketing.. everything! It’s worth it, and I can personally tell you that this workshop being that it’s TWO whole days, learning EVERYTHING…..is at a great price… We will have a lot of laughs, fun, and amazing times.

Want to join Captivations Photography here in Navarre? Click on this link to find out more! If you sign up with a friend you get $200 off your tuition.. and there’s only two spots left as of now! bit.ly/captivationsflorida

A Surrogacy Story…..

Sometimes when making something so precious, beautiful and unique, it takes an extra helping heart. There are many couples around the globe who each day are faced with challenges in becoming parents, or growing their family. Infertility is on the rise, and it’s something that is often not spoke about. Some mothers’ cannot carry children due to complications of the womb, and some couples experience a rollercoaster to parenthood.

There are mothers who are stepping up and willing to help these couples who cannot conceive. Surrogate Mommies. Now this may seem like a scary journey for some, but for others, it’s giving someone else the opportunity to have their family.

Recently I decided to document a journey locally, and give knowledge to those who have questions, or who want to know what it’s like. I will photograph this journey from start to finish on this blog. I will let you see what I see with my eyes.  Every emotion is poured into this, tears, happiness, and the look when the birth parents meet their little.

Meet Larah, who’s a mother of two little beautiful girls. Larah became a surrogate to help a family who can’t conceive.

I became a surrogate because I love being pregnant and decided since I’m done having babies I should help a family who can’t.  I am very excited and can’t wait to actually be pregnant.

On 12/21/2015 Larah and her family signed their contract and started their first dose of Lupron Injections. Lupron is a hormone that dramatically lowers estrogen levels. Larah was given birth control pills to synchronize her cycle with the birth mother. Usually about two weeks into this stage, that’s when Lupron is taken by Larah. Larah stops her set of birth control pills starting 12/23/2015.

Larah’s cycle will start while on Lupron, and then the dose is normally decreased by half, as she starts adding the estrogen replacement to the mix. Which will also be documented.

12/22/2015 I was there for her second shot of Lupron.


The image above is when Larah was numbing the area that the Lupron shot will go into.

Lupron doesn’t hurt at all if you ice it first you don’t even feel it

Once the area was pretty numb Larah prepared the Lupron.

This whole process took about 15 minutes for her to do.

December 29th 2015, Larah had started Delestrogen. Which rapidly enhances the estrogen in the system. Unfortunately I was sick with the flu, so I missed her fist dose, along with some  blood work (but we will be making this up). Her second dose of Delestrogen I did capture. So far the only side effects are bloating. But this 18 gag needle, ouchy. The spot was numbed at first. The Delestrogen is an oil base so it’s a lot thicker than the Lupron. Therefore Larah said it is best to put it in between a heating pad.

Her amazing husband administered the shot. Slowly injecting it in her left butt cheek.  (These were taken second dose December 31st, 2015)


1/6/16 Larah went for her Ultrasound today to check the thickness of the endometrium lining, and her follicles. Her lining is pretty good (thanks to the Delestrogen (which thickens the lining) at 11mm thick. Her fresh transfer from the birth parents is just 12 days away now!


There was no blood work today, but I am pretty sure according to her schedule she gets blood work next week. She will continue to take the Delestrogen, and sometime next week start on the Progesterone. Getting close!

Little Antonio sweet and small

I could not get enough of this little guy. He was so small and tiny, and so calm. I guess he loves being in front of the camera. When he came into the studio I just wanted to cuddle with him. Scoop him up and cuddle!

We started with the moon prop first, which was made by my awesome friend and vendor Lila Photography Props.  Her and her husband create the most beautiful props for littles!



I wanted him in something that went with the moon, well it just so happens that another good friend and now vendor of mine can create upcycled sets! So her and I tore apart my closet looking for clothes. And truthfully we all have clothes in our closet that we wish we could keep, but will never wear. So I said goodbye Abercrombie, Goodbye American Eagle, Goodbye clothes that used to fit me! Gave them to My Lil Monster Boutique, and let her imagination go wild. Oh my gosh she created the  most adorable outfit for little Antonio that went perfect with the moon prop!


I cannot thank my vendors enough for all their hard work that pours into helping me create the best images for these parents.

Little Antonio slept nearly the entire session, curling up in the most precious poses for me. He was amazing!

Behind the scenes getting to know the art of littles

Several months ago I taught a local photographer how to photograph newborns. I invited her to work with me.

See newborns (who I call my littles) are my passion to photograph, and no one really understands the time and work it takes to get that beautiful image for parents (such as yourselves) to hang on their wall. I had been photographing newborns for several years, and have taken several workshops and 1.1 mentoring, and last  year took a leap and learned to edit by hand (without actions a photoshop term) . I created a small studio, kind of went overboard on props that caught my eye for my own style.  Perfected the art, and bingo. Here I am.



Aside from my passion of Fertility Coaching, photographing littles has been the ultimate rewarding craft I have ever put my heart into. I am not going to call this a job, why? Because this is art, this is  love, this is creativity! It’s not a job, it’s spending time with God’s littles. These are little people, so small and so fresh



So in closing, I just wanted to say you are amazing. Every little I photograph becomes apart of my heart, each image I create has a small piece of the art in my soul. 

Sweet dreams, sweet baby

There are many things in this world we cherish, and one of them is welcoming a new little into this world. Becoming new parents is one of the most amazing rewarding things you can feel.

One on one with another local photographer, Jessica Gray Photography, we teamed up on this gorgeous little in the studio. Meet baby Aria. She was the cutest most adorable little, and fit perfectly into our dream catcher.

IMG_5914 copy

This dream catcher wasn’t as easy to make as it looks, and I do plan on making more. However it was fun, and a great experience to design and create your own newborn props.

The image above is created by three images together in photoshop. We call it a composite image. Our little Aria is being held the entire time, and the dream catcher is sitting on our poser.

Little Aria was one of the most beautiful littles we’ve had in the studio, her parents are so kind and loving. I am so glad we were able to create such beautiful images for them.

IMG_5964 copy



It’s just a fresh clean session

A while back ago I put a small model call out there. I had envisioned a maternity session that was clean, fun, and fresh. Candid shots, something you would see out of a magazine. I wanted to think outside the box.

IMG_5449 copy




This session was completely different than most sessions I photograph. This was catching these two gorgeous people in the moment, while waiting baby Carly. Who might I add graced her presence on May 22nd! So we had this sessions just in time!

I can say that these two have so much love, and love is what created little baby Carly. Congratulations first time parents on the birth of your little girl!

IMG_5469 copy



Tristan our little Aviator

It’s been a while since I have had a little boy in our studio. So once I received the call last week from this littles’ mommy, I was all excited. Of course, when you look around my studio, due to all the girls I kind of went bonkers with girly props. Very little boy props, but now was the time to get creative!

Dad and Mom where so wonderful, Mom is a first time parent! So Happy Mother’s Day to you mom! Little 18 day old Tristan did really well!

My assistant was out of town, so I asked Jessica (of Jessica Gray Photography) to assist me. We both have a deep passion for our littles and the art behind them! We had a blast working together!

We wanted to do something different for this sesh. We did what’s called “The potato sack”. Don’t worry newborn safety first, ALL hands where on little Tristan, in fact this image was 4 images in one!

IMG_4347_edited-1 copy








Little Tristan is so adorable! After our Newborn Session, while mom and I where going over paperwork, Dad started rocking little Tristan to sleep. And look at the shot we where able to achieve for their nursery!

IMG_4378_edited-1 copy






Good going dad! We had been trying to get this little airplane shot for a while. I bought that little plane from this little antique shop a while back here. It was perfect! The aviator hat came from a vendor that has the cutest little boy things!

I wanted to thank this family for letting us capture such a cute sweet little! He was amazing. Congratulations mom and dad on your new family!