The Sun Always Shines

About the middle of September I decided move from the town we had lived in for the last seven years. It took many nights of tears, and sadness to realize that the boys and I needed a more positive and uplifting environment. I love my careers that I have chosen, so with a lot of thought we decided to move.

The house was packed in less then two weeks, well most of it. A few beautiful girlfriends and I said our goodbyes, and it was hard. The studio was something a close girlfriend and I had painted together before she passed away. So it meant a lot to me. But I also knew that we were going to thrive for our future. It took a few days to find a location that I thought would fit us. I think at one point I refused to look, out of frustration for a day.. .. I know only one day!

We found a place, and within 3 weeks of deciding to leave, we did. The fourth day here, and I have met some amazing ladies, saw the most beautiful sunset in my life, experienced tons of rain and wind, unpacked, settled, and now the studio and office are back up and running. Now we’ve been here seven days, and it’s more amazing than I ever thought.

We are beyond happy here, everything is so beautiful, so many positive vibes!  Small businesses are really big here, so I am ecstatic to get started.

Now we just need to find ourselves an assistant. Which will include the following duties; handing props/wraps/tiebacks/outfits to me, gathering up the used/dirty outfits, wraps, backdrops from littles session, sometimes soothing baby/holding baby, helping parents pose, making parents comfortable from time to time- (this is a team effort also with myself). Pay is discussed, however first initial little in the studio-performance will be based on pay. There will also be a no compete contract.  Please understand that our littles mean a lot to us, and newborn safety is a huge priority. Email for more information.