Tristan our little Aviator

It’s been a while since I have had a little boy in our studio. So once I received the call last week from this littles’ mommy, I was all excited. Of course, when you look around my studio, due to all the girls I kind of went bonkers with girly props. Very little boy props, but now was the time to get creative!

Dad and Mom where so wonderful, Mom is a first time parent! So Happy Mother’s Day to you mom! Little 18 day old Tristan did really well!

My assistant was out of town, so I asked Jessica (of Jessica Gray Photography) to assist me. We both have a deep passion for our littles and the art behind them! We had a blast working together!

We wanted to do something different for this sesh. We did what’s called “The potato sack”. Don’t worry newborn safety first, ALL hands where on little Tristan, in fact this image was 4 images in one!

IMG_4347_edited-1 copy








Little Tristan is so adorable! After our Newborn Session, while mom and I where going over paperwork, Dad started rocking little Tristan to sleep. And look at the shot we where able to achieve for their nursery!

IMG_4378_edited-1 copy






Good going dad! We had been trying to get this little airplane shot for a while. I bought that little plane from this little antique shop a while back here. It was perfect! The aviator hat came from a vendor that has the cutest little boy things!

I wanted to thank this family for letting us capture such a cute sweet little! He was amazing. Congratulations mom and dad on your new family!