Prepping for our Littles

So much time goes into preparing for our littles in the studio. It’s so much fun to put a littles session together. Most parents want themes, and we incorporate some of our style with theirs.

First thing is first, our work flo. We never rush our littles, but we try and have a smooth work flo so we know what we are doing, and it goes smoothly.  The one thing that works for us, is writing down a shot list on paper. Often times than not, we change things around as we go, but most the time the shot list is fulfilled.

When going over the shot list, we have a specific order we like to shoot. For instance we start with parent and siblings first, as we all know siblings can sometimes get ancy from sitting for a while. So it’s better to do siblings first.  Then parents, and then any set ups that we put together.


This poor bunny has been through a lot, getting put in every prop we have, wrapped, and posed… When we start preparing our set ups for our littles, we start with our props first.  Our Moon, star, bench, baskets, and so on. We spend sometimes four hours putting colors, and props together. If a specific floor drop is needed, I prefer to use real wood for floor drops. I stain them and get really creative, keeping in mind all the colors I like that fits my style.


Once we figure out what set ups we are doing we move to the posing bag. I have two of them, one is rather large that I purchased a while back (it’s better for the back). I then put together at least three fabric drops that would look really gorgeous with the themes of colors I am working with. Then I get out my posing list at start with that, along with any outfits/hats/bonnets.

It takes about two hours to prep for the poser shots. So in all it takes a few hours to put together a littles session.

Preparing for our littles takes a lot of time, as we want to make our clients happy, and at home when they are in the studio. Like I said before, the atmosphere we have is a fun, easy and outgoing session comfortable for parents. Yes it does get warm in the studio, but that’s what a walk around Target is for!



………adorable above image has a cute little newspaper to it. Which we created, taking us an hour. But see how cute this little is!